On taking a taxi at the

Lisbon Airport

Taxi services throughout the city of Lisbon are of good quality and reliable. You can take a cab everywhere in the city without fear of being ripped-off. The unfortunate exception are the services from the airport.

Lisbon airport is very close to the city. Actually it stays within the urban perimeter of the city. Taxis are the most easy way to get to anywhere in the city. You get them just outside the arrival terminal. Unfortunately, you must be aware of taxi rip-offs. But if you take a few precautions, problems are unlikely. Here are a few tips:
.:: All taxis are provided with a taxi meter that show how much you owe at any point in time during the travel. The meter and the actual value being charged, must be, by law, permanently visible to the customer.
.:: If it reads "6.05" that means that you owe 6 euros and 5 cents. In the end of the travel, if luggage has been transported in the trunk, you may be charged plus 1.60 euros for the luggage. NOT a cent more!
.:: An average run from the airport to the town center will cost you between 7 and 15 euros.
.:: If you think you are being ripped-off, ask for a receipt that must include the taxi number (numero do taxi), the company name (nome da empresa) and the car plate number (numero da matricula)
.:: Prices are some 20% higher after 10pm. BUT the meter will be running in a different tariff, so, again, you only pay what is shown in the taxi meter
.:: You can buy a taxi voucher in the airport, that allows you to get to anywhere in the city (one travel), for around 13 euros. It's safe, but can be more expensive that paying the taxi meter price.